About SeKure-It

imageSeKure-It is the best backflow theft prevention product in the market today.  Nothing will do a better job of protecting your backflow prevention device.  Unlike other backflow theft prevention products on the market, SeKure-It® provides easy installation, convenient access and an aesthetic design.

SeKure-It is being introduced by JNOG Int’l Innovations, LLC as the latest innovative solution to protect your backflow prevention device. SeKure-It comes with many benefits including; simple installation, no locks or keys, full access to service, test and maintain and last but not least better aesthetics for the landscape. SeKure-It can be a one man installation and can be done in half the time of competitive products. You will save on labor costs and see increased profits for your business. When installed properly, SeKure-It will be highly ranked for the protection given to the customer, the ability to do a repair to the irrigator, the convenience of full access for annual testing to the backflow tester, and the Lawn Maintenance Crew will have the ability to do lawn maintenance with no trouble servicing areas directly under and around the device. A SeKure-It kit has the capability to protecting backflow devices (PVB’s, RPZ’s and above ground Double Check Valves) ranging from ¾” to 2” in diameter.

SeKure-It has been designed with the CUSTOMER, IRRIGATOR, BACKFLOW TESTER, and LANDSCAPER in mind. In addition to customer preferences other factors to consider when deciding between SEKURE IT and other products include the price and the convenience of the packaging for shipping and our DISTRIBUTOR’s storage shelf space.

Make the Right Smart Choice and go with SeKure-It . The Stronger, Faster, Easier way to protect your property.

See the comparison table below to see how SeKure-It® measures up to the competitors:

Enclosures SeKure-It
problem solution
You need to figure out what size you need. Comes in one size and fits valves from  3/4” to  2”.
Larger enclosures cost more. One size means everyone pays the same for their backflow protection.
Visually bulky; can be an eye sore. Slim and discreet.
Concrete slab sits above plumbing costing more in labor hours for repair. Plumbing is left outside the concrete area keeping labor costs down for repairs .
Makes it difficult to access backflow. Leaves backflow accessible for service or emergencies
Keys and locks are a hassle and can get lost. No keys or locks to keep track of.
Installation can be complicated. Easily installed by one person.
Weeds or grass can grow inside where it’s difficult to trim. Area remains open & accessible for mowing and trimming.
Wire mesh rusts out faster making the enclosure look worse. The thickness of the product outlasts its competition.

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The Problem


Due to the increasing prices of copper and brass metals, backflow preventers are being targeted by thieves. Current backflow theft prevention products suffer from serious flaws.

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The Solution


SeKure-It® is the new and improved backflow theft prevention product. Nothing will protect your property better.  The unique design allows for easy installation and access.

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Watch Video


See how easy SeKure-It®  is to install. Watch a short video that takes you step by step through the  installation process and see how this revolutionary new product works.

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Installation on Existing Concrete Slab