Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a backflow valve?

A. A backflow is a valve that is required by law to protect the cities drinking water. There are all different types of backflow valves. The one you have was chosen by your water purveyor to meet building codes.

Q. Who can install a SeKure-It product?

A. Any one that can mix concrete and handle some simple tools. No licence is needed.

Q. Who can install a backflow device?

A. Only a person who is certified or licensed to cut into the main line of your water source. A backflow device must be tested upon installation.

Q. How often is a backflow device supposed to be tested?

A. Most states require you to have the device tested once each year. Some localities might have their own city and/or state rules.

Q. Can a SeKure-It device be used to protect other devices or appliances?

A. Yes. It can be used for multiple products such as BBQ grills, patio furniture, boat trailers, trash recepticles, etc.

The Problem


Due to the increasing prices of copper and brass metals, backflow preventers are being targeted by thieves. Current backflow theft prevention products suffer from serious flaws.

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The Solution


SeKure-It® is the new and improved backflow theft prevention product. Nothing will protect your property better.  The unique design allows for easy installation and access.

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Watch Video


See how easy SeKure-It®  is to install. Watch a short video that takes you step by step through the  installation process and see how this revolutionary new product works.

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Installation on Existing Concrete Slab